Perfect for the adventurous family looking for a creative way to explore downtown Asheville! Your Family Fun Detour will entail 5 interactive stops that can include anything from creative group projects, to local food tastings to family-friendly Asheville adventures. A fun afternoon for all ages! 

How does it work??

Your group will kick off at a designated spot with a welcome from your personal tour coordinator. From there, you will guess clues and unscramble letters for a personalized team adventure through downtown Asheville! Each place you visit will hold a clue to your next experience. Get ready for delicious memories, fun group activities, tours of unique downtown establishments and surprises for your family along the way! 

Each hunt is self-guided, lasts approximately 3-3.5 hours and covers roughly 1.5 miles of downtown Asheville. Your Detour can begin any time between 11am-5pm.

Our tours can be customized! If you're interested in a specific experience or time frame let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate. 



  • 5 Stops

  • Interactive Group activities

  • local food/chocolate tastings

  • Group craft project

  • Mementos to take home

  • Entrance into Asheville Museum of Science

  • insight into fun family-friendly establishments

  • Gifts and surprises for the group

  • Much More!